Mav Mess was born in 1967 and began tattooing professionally in 1992 in San Jose, California. Mav’s list of mentors and colleagues through the years reads like a who’s who of illustrious giants in the tattoo field. He has tattooed along-side the likes of Lance Mclain, Eric Maaske, Dave Gibson, Mike Malone, Luke Atkinson, the Dutchman, and many others. In 1996, Mav moved to Portland and joined Terry Tweed at Deluxe Tattoo for what he expected to be a short stint. They were a perfect match and Mav stayed, taking over the reins of the shop upon Terry’s retirement in 2008. In 2013, Mav moved Deluxe tattoo to Vancouver, Washington, where he continues to operate to this day. In 2014 Mav joined the crew at Atlas to help out with the action on walk-in days. Mav is a true purist whose knowledge and dedication to the craft of tattooing is unsurpassed. He honors the historical traditions of American tattooing in both his work and his life and he can properly knot a bowtie while blindfolded.

Mav tattoos at Atlas on Sundays, strictly on the basis of walk-ins. Other days he can be found at his shop Deluxe Tattoo in Vancouver, WA.

Intagram: @deluxemav